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The Daytime Emmy Awards were established by the Los Angeles based Academy of Television Arts & Sciences as part of an image-building and public relations opportunity. Tracing its roots back to 1949, the Emmys have grown from a show that only honored locally produced and aired shows in the LA area to one of the world’s largest, most prestigious award shows.

The Daytime Emmys are presented in various area-specific ceremonies which are held annually throughout the year. The two ceremonies that usually receive the most media coverage are the Primetime Emmys and the Daytime Emmys, primarily recognizing excellence in American primetime and daytime entertainment programming, respectively. Also note-worthy Emmy Award ceremonies include those honoring national sports programming, national news and documentary shows, national business and financial reporting, and technological and engineering achievements in television. The Emmy statuette has become the symbol of the TV Academy's goal of supporting and uplifting the art and science of television: The wings represent the muse of art and the atom represents the electron of science.